Morinaga Seika "The Crepe [Horonika Pudding Flavor]".

Morinaga Seika

's crepe ice cream crepe with moist and sticky texture "The Crepe [Horoniga Pudding Flavor]" will be available for a limited time from December 5, 2022 (Monday).

The crepe ice cream is a chilled dessert-like crepe ice cream with a layer of crunchy chocolate and vanilla ice cream wrapped in a sticky crepe.

The Crepe [Horonika Pudding


The new "The Crepe [Horonika Pudding Flavor]" is pudding-flavored custard ice cream (pudding-like custard ice cream containing Bourbon vanilla beans) with a generous amount of delicious caramel sauce and is wrapped in a sticky crepe dough. The ice cream has a fine, mature taste. The product has a fine, adult taste and allows you to enjoy a slightly luxurious experience.

The product type is iced milk, 105 ml in volume, and is priced at 194 yen (tax included). The product will be sold at convenience stores nationwide. The product will be discontinued as soon as it is sold out.