Starbucks Second Food of the Holiday Season

Starbucks Holiday Season's Second Food

Starbucks will release its second food for the holiday season on Wednesday, November 30. Here is a summary of the lineup.

The theme for this year's holiday season is "Give Joy, Get Joy. The second food menu will offer a variety of items to brighten up the holiday season.

Strawberry & Raspberry Mascarpone Cake

A gorgeous looking cake. The moist cocoa sponge is topped with a sweet and sour berry filling of strawberries and raspberries, a rich and satisfying mascarpone mousse, and a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth mascarpone cream. The price is 510 yen (tax included).

Starbucks "Strawberry & Raspberry Mascarpone Cake".



Chiffon Cake Uji matcha chiffon cake with the perfect combination of the bitterness of matcha green tea and whipped cream. Price: 440 yen.

Starbucks "Uji green tea chiffon cake

Pound cake with matcha green tea

and white chocolate

Pound cake with the deep taste of matcha green tea and the mellow flavor of white chocolate in good balance. The coffee beans that go well with this cake are Sumatra. Price: 385 yen.

Starbucks "Matcha and White Chocolate Pound Cake

Caramel Toffee Sc

one Renewed to enjoy the aroma, richness and bitter taste of caramel more. Compatible coffee beans are TOKYO Roast and Espresso Roast. Price: 300 yen.

Starbucks "Caramel Toffee Scones"

Strawberry Cream Pie

A rolled pie perfect for when you need a break. You can enjoy the flavor of the savory pie and sweet and sour strawberries. Price: ¥320.

Starbucks "Strawberry Cream Pie

Creamy White Sauce & Soy Balls Ishigama Fil

one Plant-based stone oven filone. The creamy soy milk white sauce and satisfying soy balls are a perfect match. Price: 510 yen.

Starbucks "Creamy White Sauce & Soy Balls Stone Kiln Filone"

Caesar Chicken Ish

igama Campagne Ishigama campagne with chicken in rich-tasting Caesar sauce and cheese. Price: 545 yen.

Starbucks "Caesar Chicken Ishigama Campagne"

Potato Chips Sea Salt

Renewed with a harder texture and more flavor. Price: 209 yen.

Starbucks "Potato Chips Sea Salt