Cinnabon "2023 Fukubukuro
2023 Fukubukuro (All images sourced from the official Cinnabon website)


"2023 Fukubukuro"

Cinnabon announced on its official website that "2023 Fukubukuro" will be available. Available only for in-store reservations, the bags will be accepted from December 1. 2 types will be available, priced at 3,300 yen (tax included, same below) and 5,500 yen, respectively. 100 yen discount will be offered for reservations made by December 25; customers will receive the bags from December 26.

Cinnabon "2023 Fukubukuro

Included in the bag are standard cinnamon rolls "Mini Bon Classic" and "Cinnabon Classic," popular original Hasami-ware mugs, plates, original goods that you can't wait to open, and coffee selected by sister brand Seattle's Best Coffee.

≪Fukubukuro≫ ¥3,300

The ¥3,300 fukubukuro is worth ¥4,460. As follows

Mini Bonn Classic (6 pieces)
・ Cinnabon Hasamiyaki mug
・ Seattle's Best drip coffee (5 bags)
・ Coffee bean guide

≪Fukubukuro≫ 5,500

yen The 5,500 yen grab bag is worth 8,660 yen. As follows

Cinnabon Classic (4 pieces)
・ Minibon Classic (6 pieces)
・ Cinnabon Hasamiyaki Mug
・ Cinnabon Hasamiyaki Plate
・ Cinnabon Original Goods (you can't wait until you open it!)

Both types of goodie bags are in principle available at all Cinnabon stores, with some exceptions: JR Hakata and JR Hakata and Namba CITY. The LUCUA Osaka store will only be available online at LUCUA Osaka.