LAWSON "Uchi Cafe x Lagnoo Inochi Kaze Roll Cake Apple & Custard" and "Uchi Cafe x Lagnoo Fresh Polo Chocolat".

Tohoku LAWSON "Uchi Cafe×Lagnoo Inochifuu Roll Cake Apple & Custard" and "Uchi Cafe×Lagnoo Fresh Polo Chocolat"

LAWSON stores in the Tohoku area will release "Uchi Cafe&" and "Uchi Cafe×Lagnoo Fresh Polo Chocolat" supervised by "Lagnoo", a famous store in Aomori Prefecture, on Tuesday, November 29. On Tuesday, November 29, "Uchi Cafe×Lagnoo Fresh Polo Chocolat" and "Uchi Cafe×Lagnoo Inochikaze Roll Cake Apple & Custard" supervised by Aomori Prefecture's famous shop "Lagnoo" will be released at LAWSON stores in the Tohoku area. This is the first time for Lagunoo to release supervised products.

Uchi Cafe x

Lagunoo Inochi-style Roll Cake Apple & Custard

The "Inochi" custard cake, one of Lagunoo's signature confections, is reproduced in a chilled dessert. The soft and fluffy steamed dough is combined with vanilla-flavored thick custard and jam with apple pulp. The rich cream used in Uchicafe's premium roll cakes is used. Priced at 260 yen (tax included).

LAWSON "Uchi Cafe x Lagnoo Inochi-Fu Roll Cake Apple & Custard".

Uchi Cafe x Lagunoo Fresh Pollo Chocolat

A chilled dessert that reproduces Lagunoo's signature pastry, the Pollo Chocolat. The rich cream used in Uchi Cafe's premium roll cakes is blended to create a moist, rich terrine with the consistency of raw chocolate. Priced at 260 yen (tax included).

LAWSON "Uchi Cafe x Lagnoo Raw Polo Chocolat


Lagunoo was founded in 1884 as a candy shop in Momoshi-machi, Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture. Today, it is a popular Japanese and Western confectionery store with 53 stores in Aomori Prefecture, 16 stores in Akita Prefecture, 2 stores in Iwate Prefecture, and 5 stores in Miyagi Prefecture.

It is also available at roadside stations and souvenir shops as a souvenir from the Tohoku region. The "Inochi" series of sponge cakes with custard cream are popular.

Lawson has launched products in collaboration with popular restaurants on various menus in order to let customers enjoy the taste of popular restaurants in each region at their familiar convenience stores. We will continue to collaborate with famous local restaurants and local businesses to contribute to the revitalization of local communities through the release of exciting products.