KALDI "Winter Bag

KALDI "Winter

Bag" KALDI Coffee Farm will release "Winter Bag". The set includes limited-edition sweets and soups in an original bag made of warm tweed fabric, perfect for winter.



The "Winter Bag" is an original bag made of warm tweed fabric perfect for winter, and comes with a set of limited-edition sweets and soups such as "Wet Baked Sweet Potato" and "Oyster Chowder".

KALDI "Winter Bag

Available at actual KALDI Coffee Farm stores and online from December 2, 2022 (Fri.). The price is 1,600 yen (tax included).

The bag will be available in two types: a large checkered pattern and a fine checkered pattern. Size is 28 cm (length) x 34 cm (width) x 10.5 cm (gusset), with a 36.5 cm handle.

KALDI "Winter Bag

The list of contents is as follows

Original Nurette Baked Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato flavor spread with a rich sweet potato flavor.


Coffee Bean Chocolate Mix

A greedy assortment of three flavors in one bag.


Honey Cake

A moist cake with the flavor of honey spreading softly.


Soy Milk Biscuit Cinnamon Cream

Soy milk cookie sandwiched between gently sweetened cinnamon cream.


Oyster Chowder

Creamy powdered soup infused with the flavor of oysters.