Mini-Sofu "Chocolat Mont Blanc Parfait" and "NOMU SOFT CREAM Fresh Cacao Aroma-scented Chocolat".
Chocolat soft serve parfait with aroma of fresh cacao and special Mont Blanc cream


"Chocolat Mont Blanc Parfait" and "NOMU SOFT ICE CREAM Fresh Cacao Aroma Fragrant Chocolat"

will be available from MINI SOF, a soft-serve ice cream specialty store in MINISTOP. Both will be available from November 25.


Mont-Blanc Par

fait "Aroma-scented Chocolat Soft Cream with Fresh Cacao" is topped with soufflé roll cake, whipped cream, special Mont-Blanc cream, and sweet and soft astringent chestnuts. It is presented as a Mont Blanc parfait for chocolate lovers.

The "60 Days Chocolate," which is used for the soft serve ice cream, is made in Vietnam within 60 days after the cacao harvest, which helps reduce CO2 emissions from overseas transportation, improves and stabilizes quality by providing technical support and know-how to cacao producers, prohibits child labor, and promotes environmentally friendly cultivation. The company also operates under comprehensive "cacao tracing standards," which include technical support for cacao growers, quality improvement and stability through the provision of know-how, prohibition of child labor, and environmentally friendly cultivation. A portion of the proceeds are returned to cacao producers and farming villages.

The price is 690 yen (tax included) for eat-in, 720 yen for To go, and 760 yen for delivery.

Mini-Soff "Chocolat Mont Blanc Parfait"
Chocolate Mont Blanc Parfait

The "Nomu Soft Cream Fresh Cacao Aromatic


" is made with "Fresh Cacao Aromatic Chocolat Soft Cream" using "60DAYS Chocolate" made within 60 days after the cacao harvest, and is blended with specially selected milk from Hokkaido. The "fresh cacao aroma of cacao" is made with "60DAYS Chocolate," a chocolate made within 60 days of harvesting cacao, blended with Hokkaido's specially selected milk, and topped with unsweetened whipped cream.

The whole mixture can be mixed together for an even mellower, creamier taste. The price is 590 yen for eat-in. Not available for To go. Delivery service is subject to change.

Mini-Sofu "NOMU SOFT CREAM Fresh Cacao Aromatic Chocolat
Chocolat with aroma of fresh cacao


The "Wolt" delivery application will also be available at three new Kanto area stores: the Ueno Marui store, Marui Family Mizoguchi store, and Yokohama Porta store. Together with the existing Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro, AEON MALL Nagoya-Chaya, and AEON MALL Higashiura, this brings the total to six stores. Details can be found on the Wolt application. The service expansion will begin on November 24.

Expansion of stores introducing Minisof "Wolt
Expansion of Wolt stores