Ippudo "Miso Hakumaru
flushed white miso

Ippudo "Misoshiromaru

" Ippudo will introduce a limited time menu item, "Misoshiromaru", which will be available from December 1 and will be discontinued as soon as it is gone. The price is 950 yen (tax included, same below). A large serving of noodles is available for an additional 150 yen. The special topping of one piece of roasted pork chashu is an additional 170 yen, and two pieces is an additional 310 yen.


s winter staple: Smooth pork bone soup with three kinds of miso

"Miso Hakumaru" is Ippudo's winter staple, a dish for the cold season. The soup combines Ippudo's smooth tonkotsu (pork bone) soup with three types of miso and a savory oil flavored with ginger, onion, and garlic, with caramel sauce added as a secret ingredient.

The richness, flavor, sweetness, and aroma of the soup are layered together to create a soup with multiple layers of flavor. The flat, medium-thick noodles, which go well with the soup, are topped with a piece of roasted pork and vegetables. The vegetables are sprinkled with "7-ELEVEN Spice," a mixture of 7-ELEVEN spices including white pepper, black pepper, and ginger powder, to enhance and accentuate the flavor. Grated ginger is also served on the side, and by dissolving it in the soup as you eat, you can enjoy the change in flavor that is typical of winter. If you order a second helping, the noodles will be thin.

Ippudo "Miso Hakumaru

The product is available at 110 Ippudo, IPPUDO RAMEN EXPRESS, and RAMEN EXPRESS Hakata Ippudo stores in Japan. The sales period may differ at some stores. Some stores are closed on certain days or have shortened business hours.

Ippudo", "IPPUDO RAMEN EXPRESS", and "RAMEN EXPRESS Hakata Ippudo", which are part of the food court business, are not covered by the "Ippudo Official App". Miso Hakumaru is not eligible for birthday coupons, premium coupons, or shareholder coupons on the Ippudo Official App.