St. Mark's Cafe New "Premium Chococlo Pistachio Berry" menu item

Saint Mark's Cafe Holiday No. 2 New Menu

Saint Mark's Cafe will sell its second holiday products, "Premium Chococlo Pistachio Berry," "Chocolate Tonka Ice Cream Smoothie," and "Pistachio Tree Latte," for a limited time. The release date is December 2.

This year's second holiday product is based on the theme of "Gift," and is visually exciting, inspired by the Christmas trees and reindeer that color the holiday season. The packaging, featuring a large ribbon, is designed to resemble a present placed under the tree, making it a perfect little gift.

Premium Chococlo Pistachio


"Premium Chococlo Pistachio Berry" is the second holiday-only product in the "Premium Chococlo" series, a slightly richer evolution of Saint Mark's Cafe's "Chococlo".

St. Mark's Cafe "Premium Chococlo Pistachio Berry".

Pistachio white chocolate with a mild, nutty flavor and sweet and sour raspberry jam are wrapped in crispy croissant dough. The surface of the croissant is then covered with a pistachio cake batter, which gives it a moist texture and pistachio flavor that can be enjoyed both inside and out.

The "red" dried raspberry topping on the top adds a hint of "green" to the croissant, adding a Christmas-like color to the product and enhancing the Christmas spirit.

Chocolate Tokai


"Chocolate Tokai Smoothie" is a refreshing chocolate smoothie topped with rich, cacao-flavored Belgian chocolate whip. Chocolate and cherries are used to create a cute red-nosed reindeer. The reindeer ears, whipped cream, and smoothie are three different types of chocolate, allowing customers to enjoy the changes in texture and flavor.

St. Mark's Cafe "Chocolate Tonka Ice Cream Smoothie

Pistachio Tree


"Pistachio Tree Latte" is a gently sweet pistachio drink with a rich milk flavor. First, you can enjoy the rich pistachio flavor with just the whipped cream topped with pistachio sauce.

St. Mark's Cafe "Pistachio Tree Latte

Next, by drinking it without stirring it as it is, you can breathe a sigh of relief from the richness of the milk and the gentle sweetness of the pistachios. Finally, by stirring, the flavors of the whipped topping and frozen raspberry topping dissolve, and the aromatic pistachios and sweet and sour raspberries provide a change in taste that is sweet and sour.


Premium Chococlo Pistachio Berry
280 yen for a single item, 1,200 yen for a box of 5
Available from December 2 to December 25

Chocolate Tonkai Smoothie
S size 590 yen
Available from December 2 to December 25

Pistachio Tree Latte
S size 590 yen
December 2 through December 25