Cocos "Oimo & Chestnut Fair

Cocos "Omo & Chestnut Fair

" "Omo & Chestnut Fair" will be held at Cocos from December 1 (Thu.) Sales will end in early January. No take-out available.

Five desserts combining sweet roasted potatoes and


will be available. The baked sweet potatoes are made from Ibaraki sweet potatoes that have been stored after harvesting to increase their sugar content. The chestnuts are combined with astringent chestnut ice cream and marron cream with a refined sweetness.

Coco's signature drink bar features "Sweet Potato Tea. It has a rich, sweet aroma reminiscent of sweet potato western sweets.

Oimoto apple Mont Blanc

parfait This parfait combines sweet potatoes, apples, and the impact of Mont Blanc. The top layer is topped with moist baked sweet potatoes, hand-squeezed Mont Blanc with elegant sweetness, astringent chestnuts, sweet potato chips, and fresh apples. The sweet potato pudding and marron cream added to the middle layer enhances the overall deliciousness.

Cocos "Oi to Apple Mont Blanc Parfait

Apple jelly and mixed berries add a refreshing touch to the sweetness of the sweet potatoes and chestnuts. You will never get tired of the sweetness of the sweet potatoes and chestnuts. Crunchy sweet potato chips, crunchy apples, crunchy chocolate crisps, moist and rich chocolate brownies, and fluffy marshmallows are also added to create a dish with different textures. Priced at 1,089 yen (tax included).

Oimoto Chestnut Glass Par

fait A parfait topped with grilled sweet potatoes, sweet potato chips, astringent chestnuts, and astringent chestnut ice cream. Layers of chocolate crispy and whipped topping, apple jelly, and sweet potato pudding provide the gentle sweetness of oimo and the refreshing taste of apple. Mini size perfect for after dinner. Price: 429 yen.

Cocos "Oyster and Chestnut Glass Parfait

Shibukuri Chestnut

Ice Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream - with Oimo

- A simple dish of chestnut ice cream with chestnut astringent peel, vanilla ice cream, and rich sweet chilled baked sweet potato. Price: 319 yen.

Cocos "Astringent Chestnut Ice Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream - with Oimo


Yaki-imo Cust

ard - A "atutoro" dessert made of yaki-imo potatoes topped with custard and baked in the oven. The warming of the yaki-imo (baked sweet potato) makes it even more moist, and the melt-in-your-mouth custard tastes blissful when eaten together. The "hotter-than-hot" taste can also be enjoyed with chestnut ice cream, which is served separately. The price is 539 yen.

Cocos "Atsutoro Yakiimo Custard

Chilly Yakiyaki Imonburan

: A luxurious sweet with hand-pressed Mont Blanc on top of chilled baked sweet potatoes. The chilled yakiyaki imoburan is filled with sweetness, crunchy sweet potato chips, melt-in-your-mouth marron cream, and astringent chestnut ice cream. Enjoy it with the chocolate sauce topped on the plate. The price is 649 yen.

Cocos "Chilly Yaki Imonburan

Available at all 511 stores (as of November 24).
Not available at Yamaguchi Ube Airport.