Sakiyoken "Kaiyun Prayer Goyu Gyuu Gozen
Pray for good fortune Gokyugyu Gozen

Sakiyoken Kaiun Prayer Gokyogyu G

ozen "Kaiun Prayer Gokyogyu Gozen" will be available from Sakiyoken. Reservations will be accepted from November 25 to December 25, 2022 at approximately 160 stores mainly in Kanagawa and Tokyo. Reservations will be closed when the planned number is reached. The price is 2,680 yen (tax included).


year-end and New Year's limited edition bento boxed meal, which also allows customers to try their luck

, is packed with two different flavors of beef and Japanese side dishes for good luck that are perfect for the year-end and New Year's holidays.

The staple is "Japanese beef thigh simmered in sukiyaki style" laid out on a soggy bed of white rice. The sweet and spicy beef is a dish that is sure to be enjoyed with Sakiyoken's glutinous rice. The "Ume-shaped fu" is also placed on the top.

Sakiyoken "Kaiyun Prayer Goyu Gyuu Gozen
Beef in two flavors and Japanese delicacies for good luck are all in the dish.

The grilled dish is a juicy, tender "Marinated Roast Beef in White Broth" served with "Colorful Fried Vegetables (Red Paprika, Lotus Root, Eggplant, Shishito)". A refreshing "Wasabi Mayo Sauce" is also included, which goes well not only with the roast beef but also with the accompanying vegetables.

Sakiyoken "Kaiyun Prayer Goyu Gyugyu Gozen" (Goyu Beef Gozen)
Gokai Kaiun Prayer Goyu Gyugyu Gozen" package

In addition to the above, there is "glazed shrimp" for longevity, "teriyaki octopus" for happiness, "cooked black soybeans with pine needles" for a good fortune, "cooked scallop" for a good luck, "vinegared crab and rape blossoms", "mikan namasu", "red and white kamaboko", "thick-baked egg", "chestnut kinton daifuku" and other ingredients and side dishes that are said to bring good fortune. and side dishes that are believed to bring good luck. You can also taste "traditional shiomai," a bite-sized dish with the rich flavor of pork and dried scallops. Each package contains 737 kcal.

Sakiyoken "Year of the Rabbit Omiku Hyou-chan
Year of the Rabbit Omiku Hyou-chan

The "Year of the Rabbit Omikuji Hyou-chan," featuring the Chinese zodiac sign for the year 2023, comes in one of three varieties: "Daikichi," "Kichi," or "Chukichi," allowing customers to test their luck. This is a lunch box suitable for the year-end and New Year holidays that can be enjoyed at the family dining table or as a one-person osechi.