Kohaku Special Shiomai (red and white)" by Sakiyo-ken
Kohaku special siu-mai


Special Shiomai Kohaku Special Shiomai will be available as a limited time and quantity menu item from Saki Yoken. It will be available at approximately 160 stores mainly in Kanagawa and Tokyo from December 31, 2022 to January 8, 2023. It will be discontinued as soon as it is gone. The price is 1,460 yen (tax included).

A special siu-mai

suitable for gift-giving and special occasion dining

. Six pieces each of special siu-mai wrapped in regular white skin and six pieces of special siu-mai wrapped in light red skin. Large, rich and juicy with the flavor of coarsely ground dried scallops and pork. Calories are 53 kcal per serving.

Kohaku Special Shiomai (red and white)" by Sakiyo-ken
6 red and white siu-mai

Kohaku Special Shiomai (red and white)" by Sakiyo-ken
Package of "Rabbit", the Chinese zodiac sign

The new product comes in a special package with a rabbit design, the Chinese zodiac sign for the year 2023. The design of the "Hyo-chan" soy sauce container inside the package will also change to red to celebrate the New Year. The package is designed to be festive and to make the New Year a joyous time.

Sakiyo-ken "Hyo-chan

Like the regular "Special Shiomai," the expiration date is 16 hours from the time of production, or 40 hours if refrigerated within 11 hours. During the sales period of "Kohaku Tokuspecial Shiomai," the regular "Tokuspecial Shiomai 12-pack" (1,460 yen) will not be available, except at some stores.