Chirorucho Raisin Butter Sandwich" from LAWSON.

New Chirorucoco

"Chirorucoco [Raisin Butter Sandwich]" will be sold at LAWSON (except Natural Lawson and LAWSON STORE100). The release date is November 29. The price is 40 yen per piece (tax included).

Chirole Chocolates [Raisin Butter


Chirole Chocolates that reproduce the rich and full-bodied Raisin Butter Sandwich. Butter cookies and rum raisins are wrapped in raisin butter flavored chocolate. The rich chocolate made with fermented butter and raisins with a slight sourness are a perfect match. The crunchy texture of the cookie also makes it taste as if you are eating a real raisin butter sandwich. Alcohol content 0.08%

On the back of the individual wrappers, which come in a gradation of five colors, are original characters with "Hi," "To," "Tsu," "Bu," and "Do? The back of each package is a gradation of colors. The design is full of playfulness. Also of note is the rare packaging, which randomly includes a "Raisin-chan" in every 16 pieces.

Some stores may not carry this product. Sales will end as soon as the product is sold out.