Lotte "Yukimi-dakufu (large package with a large Fuku)" (Japanese only)
Yukimi-dakkuhu (package with a large puffy face)

Lotte Yukimi-dakuhu (large mochi

package) "Yukimi-dakuhu (large mochi package)" is now available from Lotte. The product will be released in a renewed package from the beginning of December. The two-pack of two 47-ml servings, totaling 94 ml of iced milk, will be available at an estimated price of 162 yen (tax included).


limited-time Yukimi Daifuku package, an annual winter tradition

. The package will again feature a larger-than-usual "Fuku" character to express the joy of the year-end and New Year holidays, and an illustration of the Seven Gods of Good Luck, Yukimi Usagi, riding on a treasure boat, to coincide with the Year of the Rabbit in 2023. There will be a total of three variations of the design, with the "FUKU" in gold, the "Rare Design," and the "Main Design.

Lotte "Yukimi Usagi Seven Lucky Gods".
Yukimi Usagi Seven Gods of Good Luck

Lotte "Yukimi-dakufu" (large package with a large "Fuku"), very rare design.
Extremely rare design

LOTTE "Yukimi-dakkou" (large package with a large "Fuku") rare design
rare design

Lotte "Yukimi-dakkappu" (large baubles package) main design
main design

In addition, as 2023 is the year of the rabbit, the brand character "Yukimi Usagi" wants to deliver even greater happiness than usual, so the mochi rice cake that encases the rich vanilla ice cream has been increased to create a "thick mochi tailoring" that further enhances its plump and bouncy texture. The mochi is thicker and more bouncy, and the texture is thicker and bouncier. The ice cream was designed to soothe people's hearts and bring them a little happiness.

Lotte "Yukimi-dakkou" (package with a large "Fuku") thick rice cake tailoring.
thick Japanese paper (esp. vellum paper)