Famima "Melon Pan Ice Cream" in limited quantities

Famima Mel

on Pan Ice

Cream Quantity Limited

A new ice cream product, Melon Pan Ice Cream, will be available from FamilyMart in limited quantities. The release date is November 29. The price is 248 yen (tax included).


Pan Ice Cream

In this renewal, the cookie puff dough that wraps the ice cream has been improved in order to create a more satisfying melon pan. The butteriness of the dough has been increased to enhance the sense of unity with the milk-rich, full-bodied butter ice cream. The rich flavor makes this ice cream perfect for the cold season. It is a royal taste that can be enjoyed by "butter" lovers, "sweet bread" lovers, and traditional "melon bread ice cream" lovers.

The design of the product is a subdued color tone with a mature feel, overturning the impression that "melon bread" has a green package. The design expresses the buttery flavor that envelops the entire product and the richness of the buttery texture that permeates the dough.

Compared to the calorie content of a typical melon bread (sweet bread) (around 400kcal: surveyed by Ohayo Milk Industry), this product has about half the calories (198kcal per piece). The surprising calorie content is one of the reasons for the popularity of Melon Pan Ice Cream, with consumers saying, "It has fewer calories than I expected" and "I can eat it more easily than sweet bread.