Rokkatei Christmas Special
Christmas Specials

Rokkatei Christmas Special

Products Rokkatei announced on its official website that Christmas special products are now available. Rokkatei's Christmas specials include "Stollen", "Christmas White Chocolate", and "Christmas Strawberry Chocolate (White and Milk)", etc. They will be available at stores in Hokkaido until December 25, and will also be available at the official online store until December 20.

Rokkatei's "


" is baked with buttery dough and candied dried fruits such as raisins, citrus fruits, and apples kneaded into the dough. The flavor deepens day by day as you enjoy the advent. The calorie count is 520 kcal per 100g (3.53oz).

The product will not be sold at Obihiro Airport, Jingu Chaya, and Otaru Canal stores. Priced at 2,000 yen per bottle (tax included, same below).

Rokkatei "Stollen

Christmas White


"Christmas White Chocolate" is packaged in a poinsettia-patterned package painted by Naoyuki Sakamoto, a painter from Hokkaido.

Obihiro, Hokkaido, with its low humidity and clean water and air, is the ideal environment for making this white chocolate, which has been on the market since 1968. A unique manufacturing process is used, and high-quality cocoa butter and Hokkaido milk are used to create a smooth melt-in-your-mouth texture. It is dressed for Christmas. Each piece has 114 calories.

Not available at Obihiro Airport, Jingu Chaya, and Otaru Canal stores. Price is 95 yen per piece.

Rokkatei "Christmas White Chocolate
Christmas White Chocolate

Christmas Strawberry Chocolate (White and


"Christmas Strawberry Chocolate (White and Milk)" is also available in a poinsettia pattern package drawn by Naoyuki Sakamoto.

The "White" flavor is an eye-catching contrast of white and red, combining the tartness of freeze-dried strawberries with the sweetness of white chocolate. The "Milk" flavor is made from hand-picked strawberries with just the right amount of tartness, freeze-dried quickly, and coated with milk chocolate. The strawberries are crunchy and light.

Calories are 362 kcal per bag and 784 kcal per box for white, and 357 kcal per bag and 774 kcal per box for milk.

Not available at the Jingu Chaya store. Some stores carry either white or milk, or bagged or boxed. Prices are 320 yen each in 60g (2.12oz) bags and 680 yen each in 130g (4.59oz) boxes.

Rokkatei "Christmas Strawberry Chocolate (White and Milk)
Christmas strawberry chocolate (white and milk)