Saki Yoken "Jumbo shioumai mini Xmas version at home
Jumbo siu-mai mini Xmas version at home

Saki Yoken "Jumbo shiumai mini Xmas version

at home" Saki Yoken will introduce "Jumbo shiumai mini Xmas version at home" as a reservation-only menu. The large siu-mai contains many small siu-mai. Refrigerated items can be ordered at 20 roadside stores from December 1-24. Frozen items can also be ordered via mail order from December 1-20. The last shipment will be on December 25. The price is 3,600 yen (tax included).

22 pieces of shiumai wrapped in red and green skin inside a large sh

iumai. A variation of "Jumbo shiumai mini at home," a mini-sized version of the "Jumbo shiumai" popular at weddings and other events at Saki Yoken's main store, to be enjoyed at home.

This Xmas version is perfect for festive occasions. When the large shioumai (11.5 cm in diameter and 10.0 cm high) is cut, 22 bite-sized "traditional shioumai" wrapped in Christmas-like pale red and green skin overflow out. Not only the siu mai inside, but also the outer dough is made of "old-fashioned siu mai" bean paste, which can be eaten. The total calorie content is 1,509 kcal.

As a guide, it should be heated in a microwave oven for 10 minutes if the output is 500W, or 8 minutes and 30 seconds if the output is 600W. This menu is suited to liven up an Xmas party with a different presentation.

Saki Yoken "Jumbo shioumai mini Xmas version at home" package
Jumbo shiomai mini Xmas version package at home

A total of 3,000 units are planned. Both in-store delivery and mail-order sales are by reservation only. Reservations will be closed when the planned number is reached. Consumption and best-before dates are 11 days for refrigerated delivery and 60 days for frozen delivery, including the date of manufacture.

Sakiyo-ken's main store, Tsunashima store, Kannan 2 Shimonagaya store, Yokohama Hino store, Kawabe-cho store, Futamatagawa Sachigaoka store, Kannan 2 Ichisawa store, Kohoku Interchange store, Isesaki Mall store, Chinatown Shiomai BAR store, Chinatown Main Street store, Totsuka Gumi Zawa store, Totsuka Sakiyo-ken store, Tate store, Zushi Ginza-dori store, Zama Sagamigaoka store, Metroad Higashioshima store, Zama Sagamigaoka store, Metroad Higashi-oshima store, Zushi Ginza-dori store, and Metroad Higashioshima store. Metroad Higashi-Oshima store, Oshima store, Ogikubo Station North Exit store, Hamadayama store, Yahashira store, Kawaguchi Station West Exit store.