NO-CHAN Collaboration Sweets Ito-Yokado "Black Raw Chocolate Roll

Ito-Yokado Sweets

A collaboration sweet "Black Raw Chocolate Roll" starring no-chan will be sold at Ito-Yokado stores outside of Hokkaido for a limited time. The sales period is from November 19 to November 25. The price is 537 yen (tax included).

Black Raw Chocolate


The mascot character "on-chan" of HTB Hokkaido TV is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Now, for the first time, the rival "no-chan" is playing the leading role in a new sweet treat. The black roll cake with rich, thick whipped cream and fresh chocolate sauce is a sweet that seems to express the kind-hearted character of No-chan.

What is on-chan's 25th anniversary

? In December 1997, she was introduced as a character for the 30th anniversary of HTB Hokkaido Television's launch of "Switch On! on parade! and "on parade!" as the character for the 30th anniversary of HTB Hokkaido Television in December 1997. The following year, 1998, she was promoted to the mascot character of HTB.

Since then, with her bright yellow smile, she has appeared on HTB's information programs and variety shows, became an original animation, and has been very active in events throughout Japan. Currently, she is a member of the morning information program "Ichimoni! is popular in Hokkaido, and she also travels around the towns and villages of the large island of Hokkaido in her regular prime-time program, "Korono-chan no on-chan" (meaning "on the street" in Japanese).