Godiva Chocolates "Fortune Chocolates Collection".

Godiva Chocolate Valentine Collection

Godiva Japan will offer a Valentine's Day limited edition "Fortune Chocolates Collection" for a limited time only, available from January 6, 2023. Sales will continue until February 15, 2023. Available at Godiva stores nationwide, Godiva online store, and GODIVA café.

Fortune Chocolat


The Fortune Chocolat Collection, which will be available for Valentine's Day 2023, is a special collection that you can give to your loved ones, your beloved family members, and yourself, wishing for a bright future.

The collection includes limited edition chocolates such as star-shaped chocolates with the nostalgic sweet vanilla flavor of dark caramel ganache and the bittersweet sweetness of salted caramel, and moon-shaped chocolates with vanilla-scented white cookie crumble mousse layered with savory almond praline. The color of the star-shaped chocolates will be revealed when the package is opened, and the pink "Fortune Pink Star" is a sign of good luck.

The enclosed leaflet also includes a 2D barcode that allows you to experience Godiva's original fortune-telling under the supervision of Dr. Tamako Shojo. The first chocolate eaten in the "Fortune Chocolat Collection" and the date of birth can be used to divine your fortune for the year 2023, and if the "Fortune Pink Star" is included, you can also divine your luck in love.

Sparkling Star

Fortune Pink Star

The nostalgic sweet vanilla aroma of dark caramel ganache and the bittersweetness of salted caramel evoke tender childhood memories. With its mild and relaxing chocolate flavor, it is a favorite of children and adults alike.

Fortune Pink Star" is a sign of good fortune. You will have to wait until you open the package to find either the Fortune Pink Star or the Sparkling Star.

Godiva "Sparkling Star".

Godiva "Fortune Pink Star".

Sparkling Moon

White cookie crumble mousse with a hint of vanilla, layered with fragrant almond praline and encased in a moon-shaped dark chocolate.

Godiva "Sparkling Moon".


Chocolat Assortment

"Fortune Pink Star" or "Sparkling Star", which chocolate is in the assortment, will be a surprise until the package is opened.

Godiva "Fortune Chocolat Assortment".

Prices are as follows. All prices include tax.

Fortune Chocolat Assortment (3 pieces) 1,404 yen
Fortune Chocolat Assortment (6 pieces) 2,592 yen
Fortune Chocolat Assortment (9 pieces) 3,888 yen