Matsunoya "Hamburger steak with brown sauce & 2 fried prawns set meal

Matsunoya "H

amburger" Menu Matsunoya and Matsunoya will launch a "Hamburger" menu on Wednesday, November 23 at 3:00 p.m. (except at some stores). A wide variety of menu items will be available, including the "Hamburger Steak with Brown Sauce & 2 Fried Shrimps Set Meal. Take-out is also available.

Brown Sauce

Hamburger Ste

ak & 2 Fried Shrimps Set Meal A supreme hamburger steak with a rich meaty flavor is now available at the Matsunoya pork cutlet specialty restaurant. The Brown Sauce Hamburger Steak & 2 Fried Shrimps Set includes a hamburger steak in a brown sauce made with Matsunoya's signature European mushrooms, topped with a plump fried shrimp. The abundant tartar sauce and fried prawns are a perfect match. The price is 1,130 yen (same price including tax for both in-store and take-out.)

Brown Sauce Hamburger Steak & Loin Cutlet Set:

A set of Matsunoya's signature loin cutlet and a meaty, full meal. Recommended for those who want to eat with gusto. The price is 880 yen.

Brown Hamburger Steak & Sausage


Set Meal As a "morning burger" set, the "Brown Sauce Hamburger Steak & Sausage Eggs Set Meal" combo with sausage eggs, a morning staple, is available from 4:00 am to 11:00 am only. Recommended for those who want to eat well in the morning and feel energized for the day. Price is 590 yen.

Hamburger Curry

Curry with a juicy hamburger steak. Price is 730 yen.

Brown Hamburger Plate

Priced at 690 yen.

Children's H

amburger Plate A hamburger plate for children. Price is 530 yen.

Matsunoya "Hamburger" Menu

Take-out miso soup can be purchased separately for 60 yen.
Brown Sauce Hamburger Steak" is on sale while "Coarse Minced Hamburger Steak with Black Wagyu Beef Stew" is on sale at Matsuya.