LAWSON STORE100 "Tamago-yaki Bento" with only one side dish.

I actually tried the "Tamagoyaki Bento", which was launched on November 16 at


STORE100 and consists of only tamagoyaki as a side dish. The level of tamagoyaki is pretty high! But overall, the bento was a bit lacking.

In most bento boxes, one or two tamagoyaki are placed at the end of the box


In the Tamagoyaki Bento, however, there are a whopping eight tamagoyaki. You can enjoy tamagoyaki to your heart's content.

LAWSON STORE100 "Tamago-yaki Bento" with only one side dish.

How do the tamagoyaki taste?

As stated in the official announcement by LAWSON STORE100, the tamagoyaki is indeed sweet. Rather than a side dish, it is more like a dessert (?) after you finish eating your bento. It is a flavor that would be good as a dessert (?) after you finish eating your bento, rather than a side dish.

However, if you pour the accompanying dashi soy sauce over the omelet, it becomes a side dish for rice at once. The rice is also dipped in the dashi and soy sauce, making the omelet and rice even more compatible.

LAWSON STORE100 "Tamago-yaki Bento" with only one side dish.

Now, the tamagoyaki in the Tamagoyaki Bento is certainly delicious,


it also seems to be lacking in some areas. Perhaps the reason for this is that the omelet is soft.

For example, it is not as chewy as the five sausages served in the "Sausage Bento," the six meatballs in the "Meatball Bento," or the three fried nori isobe-age on top of the "Nori Isobe-age Bento.

Perhaps this is the fate of the dish called tamagoyaki?

What to do then?

One solution is to buy a sausage bento and eat both together. You will feel chewy and satisfied! If you want, you could eat the sausage alone as a side dish, eat the rice in both lunches, and eat the 8 omelettes by themselves as dessert.

 LAWSON STORE100 "Tamago-yaki Bento" with only one side dish.

Normally, such a luxury would not be possible, but the "sausage bento" and "tamago-yaki bento" cost 432 yen even if you buy both. The price is not much different from that of a regular bento.

 LAWSON STORE100 "Tamago-yaki Bento" with only one side dish.

However, the calorie content is quite high. The wiener bento has 447 kcal and the tamago-yaki bento has 364 kcal, for a total of 811 kcal. Those who try it, brace yourselves! If you are not prepared, you may divide the meal into two portions.

Conclusion: "Sausage Bento" is amazing!

After eating the "Wiener Bento", my honest impression was that "Wiener Bento" is amazing. The "Tamago-yaki Bento" has a delicious omelet and a great visual impact, but as mentioned above, it is not enough for me. I couldn't help but want to eat other side dishes, which made me realize that "ordinary bento boxes are good because they contain a variety of side dishes.

However, for some reason, "wiener bento" satisfies me just by itself. I thought this was quite amazing. If you have a LAWSON STORE100 near you, please try the "wiener bento" again!

The fifth "Chicken Nugget Bento" and the first "Sausage Bento" in the "Only Bento" series have ketchup on


. Many other products at LAWSON STORE100 also have ketchup on them, which leads us to assume that the product developers must like ketchup.

So we tried putting ketchup on the "Tamagoyaki Bento" as well.

LAWSON STORE100 "Tamago-yaki Bento" with only one side dish.

The result was...not so good. Ketchup did not go well with the dashimaki. We recommend eating the tamagoyaki with the accompanying "dashi shoyu" (soy sauce and soup stock)!