Matsuya New Menu "Beef Stew with Coarsely Ground Hamburger Steak with Kuroge Wagyu Beef".

Matsuya New Menu

Matsuya will start selling "Beef Stew with Coarse Minced Hamburger Steak containing Black Wagyu Beef" on November 22 at 10:00 a.m.

Beef St

ew with Coarsely Minced Hamburger Steak Beef Stew Hamburger Steak with Coarsely Minced Hamburger Steak," which was popular last year, has been enhanced to include coarsely minced hamburger steaks with blackened Japanese beef. The special red wine-flavored sauce made from beef tenderloin is an adaptation of the sauce used in Matsuya's beef stew set meals to suit the hamburger steak.

We want to serve delicious hamburgers." The sauce is a perfect match for the hamburger steak, which is the result of repeated tastings and millimeter-by-millimeter adjustments of the meat grind. You can enjoy the harmony of the beef stew sauce with the flavor and richness derived from the beef belly. You can also choose the amount of rice for the same price. 31% of the meat used in the hamburger is Wagyu black beef.

Prices are as follows.

Beef stew with coarsely ground hamburger steak containing Kuroge Wagyu beef 980 yen
Beef stew with rice set containing coarsely ground hamburger steak containing Kuroge Wagyu beef 920 yen

* All prices include tax. Miso soup is not included in the to-go set.