Fujiya "Peco Poco Boots".
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Fujiya Christmas

Sweets Here is a list of Christmas sweets sold by Fujiya. Also includes a list of prices and release dates.



Calendar An advent calendar filled with sweets from Fujiya. Can't wait until Christmas arrives, with candy and secret items in windows 1-25!

Fujiya "Christmas Advent Calendar".

The assortment includes the following

・ 3 Country Mam (vanilla/cocoa) each
・ 3 packages (6 pieces) of Home Pie
・ 2 pieces each of Look (banana/strawberry/almond/pineapple)
・ 2 pieces of mini heart chocolate (peanut)
・ 2 pieces of almond chocolate
・ 2 pieces of Country Mam chocolate smeared
・ Secret item

Size: approx. 317 mm (width) x 348 mm (depth) x 27 mm (thickness); priced at 1,650 yen (tax included, same as below); on sale sequentially from mid-November.

Peco P

oco Long Shoes The classic Christmas Peco Poco Long Shoes are filled with popular Fujiya snacks. Comes with a limited design treat case!

Fujiya "Peco Poco Boots".

The assortment includes the following

・ 1 box of Peco Poco Biscuits
・ 1 box of 7-grain Milky
・ 2 Pop Candy (Orange/Strawberry/Grape) each
・ 2 Look (Strawberry/Banana) each
・ Snack Case

Boots is approx. 143mm wide x 150mm deep x 450mm high; snack case is 86& long Price: 1,650 yen, available sequentially from mid-November.

Peko-chan Santa Cake Ornament

A cut cake-shaped ornament featuring a cute cake and Peko-chan. The ornament can be displayed on the tree and enjoyed even after the sweets have been eaten.

Fujiya "Peko-chan Santa's Cake Ornament".

The assortment includes

7 milky
- 3 look (strawberry)
- 1 sticker

Size: approx. 130 mm (W) x 55 mm (D) x 80 mm (H); priced at 340 yen each; on sale sequentially from mid-November.

Parasol Chocolate


Christmas cake-shaped package decorated with parasol chocolates like candles. Parasol chocolate (milk chocolate/strawberry) 3 each.

Fujiya "Parasol Chocolate Cake

Size: 200 mm (W) x 20 mm (D) x 280 mm (H); priced at 680 yen; on sale sequentially from mid-November.

Christmas Sweets Box

The ribbon-covered design is perfect for gift-giving. With stickers, it is recommended as a gift for children.

Fujiya "Christmas Sweets Box

The assortment includes the following

1 box of 7-grain milky
・ 2 Country Mam (vanilla)
・ 3 mini heart chocolates (peanut)
・ 4 home pies (2 packets)
・ 1 sticker

Size: 180mm (W) x 75mm (D) x 135mm (H) Price: 500 yen; on sale sequentially from mid-November.

Anpanman Christmas Boot

s Anpanman and other popular characters are depicted on the boots, which are filled with sweets. Includes one "Pittanko♪ Magnet Sheet" that can be attached to a refrigerator, cabinet, or other wall surface.

Fujiya "Anpanman Christmas Boots

The assortment includes the following

Anpanman Mini Mini Ramune 5-set
・ Anpanman Kororo Biscuit Bolo Box
・ Anpanman Biscuit Bits
・ Anpanman Candy Bag
・ 6 Anpanman Stick Candies

Boots are approximately 143mm wide x 150mm deep x 430mm high. price: 1, Available from mid-November.

Anpanman Nigiyaka Christmas Tree

Anpanman's tree-shaped gift has been renewed! The tree features a large design of Anpanman and a large collection of popular characters. This is a Christmas gift that is sure to delight small children.

Fujiya "Anpanman Nigiyaka Christmas Tree

The assortment includes the following items

Anpanman Mini Peropero Chocolate (Anpanman, Baikinman, and Dokin-chan)
・ 1 sticker

Size: approx. 165mm (width) x 55mm (depth) x 128mm (height) Price: 400 yen. Available from mid-November.

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