Caramel Corn Ice Cream Bars

Caramel Corn Ice Cream Bar" in collaboration with Caramel Corn

Morinaga Milk Industry will release "Caramel Corn Ice Cream Bar" in collaboration with Tohato's "Caramel Corn" in limited quantities.

Caramel Corn Ice Cream


"Caramel Corn Ice Cream Bar" is a bar ice cream inspired by "Caramel Corn", a classic candy with a red package. The rich sweet caramel corn flavor ice cream is mixed with savory crushed roasted peanuts to express the taste of caramel corn.

Caramel Corn Ice Cream Bars

Accented with salt to accentuate the flavor, the texture of the roasted peanuts and the sweet and savory taste are as addictive as the candy itself. In addition to the taste of caramel corn and the texture of peanuts, this product offers the rich flavor that only ice cream can provide.

The product will go on sale at convenience stores on November 22 (Tue.) and nationwide on January 9 (Mon.), 2023, both in limited quantities.

The product is available in limited quantities nationwide from January 9, 2023, and is available in iced milk, contains 80 ml of iced milk, has 144 kcal per bottle, and is priced at 150 yen (excluding tax).