Fukubukuro 2023 Pan&.

Pan& Fukubukuro


Pan& Fukubukuro 2023 and Pan& Deluxe Fukubukuro 2023 will be available for pre-order from the official online store of Pan&, a frozen bread brand that offers freshly baked bread at home. Regular members can pre-order starting November 15, and they will be delivered to your home on January 1, 2023.


special feeling that can only be experienced

in a grab bag A full lineup of breads, soups, and prepared foods that can only be found in a grab bag. Breads that are not usually sold in the online store will be available only in the fukubukuro. You can't wait to see what you will receive! Includes secret breads, soups and side dishes.

A discount coupon for use in the online store is also included. In addition, you will receive an original Pan& calendar as a limited novelty.

Fukubukuro 2023 Pan&.

Pan& Fukubukuro 2023

Set includes: 26 pieces of 11 kinds of bread + novelty + discount coupon. Price: 4,280 yen (free shipping, tax included).

Fukubukuro "Pan & Fukubukuro 2023"


Deluxe Fukubukuro 2023

Set includes : 17 pieces of 7 kinds of bread + 7 bags of 7 prepared foods + novelty + discount coupon. Price is 5,680 yen (free shipping, tax included).

Fukubukuro "Pan & Deluxe Fukubukuro 2023"