Chiroruchoco "Dorayaki (bag)".

New Chirorucho Products

Chirorucho will release "Dorayaki (bag)", a Chirorucho reproduction of the popular "Dorayaki" product, available at Yaoko starting November 21, with 7 pieces per bag, priced at 108 yen (tax included). Sales will end as soon as the product is gone.

Chirorucho Dorayaki [Bag]

: Brown sugar flavored dorayaki chocolate wrapped with Ogura flavored sauce, cream, and fluffy marshmallows. It is a reproduction of Yaoko's popular "Dorayaki" product, characterized by its moist dough with a hint of brown sugar. One out of every 10 individual packages contains a design of Yaoko's original character "Yappo". There are a total of 5 different Yappo designs. They will be enclosed at random.

Chirole Chocolate Company Ltd

. was established in Tokyo in 2004 by separating the product planning and sales divisions from Matsuo Seika, which was founded in 1903 in Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture. The company designs and sells fun confections with the mission of "bringing smiles to your faces. Chirorucoco was born from the idea of "delivering high-end chocolates to children for 10 yen," which was a luxury at the time. In addition to its popular standard products, the company has released a variety of collaborative products, seasonal products, and challenging new flavors, with a cumulative total of more than 500 flavors.