Sakiyo-ken "Chashu-han" (fried rice)
Forked rice (chashu-han)

Saki Yoken "Chashu Han

" Saki Yoken will introduce "Chashu Han" as a limited-time and store-only menu item. It will be available at approximately 50 stores in the Tokyo area and 10 stores in the Kanagawa area from November 15 to 30. The price is 1,180 yen (tax included).

Japanese Pork Mochi Buta Char Siew with

rice to

pped with five pieces of Japanese pork Mochi Buta, which is characterized by its moist and tender meat, marinated overnight in sauce and grilled slowly, are spread on Kakiyo-ken's rice. Toppings include seasoned half-boiled egg, fried shishito peppers, and red ginger. You can enjoy it with the optional fork-tender sauce and hot pepper paste to change the taste.

Sakiyo-ken "Forked Rice (Chashu-han)" package
Forked Rice (Cha Shu Han) Package

The "Ma-La-Chi" is moist, steamed chicken topped with a refreshingly spicy green onion sauce made with sansho (Chinese pepper), vinegar, and bean-paste, and the "Komatsuna and Jellyfish with Chinese Dressing" is another side dish that is sure to be enjoyed with rice. The calorie count is 754 kcal per boxed meal.

Sakiyo-ken "Forked Rice (Chashu-han)" Contents
Forked Rice (Cha-shu-han) Contents