Hattendo Village "Kinako & Zunda Cream Donuts

Hattendo Village:

Limited Time

Offer The "Kinako & Zunda Creamy Doughnut" will be on sale for a limited time at Hattendo Village, a hands-on food theme park in front of Hiroshima Airport. The donuts will be on sale from November 14 to 27 (except November 16 and 24). The price is 230 yen per piece (tax included).


Hiroshima International University Collaboration

Hattendo collaborated with four students (students of Professor Yamaguchi's seminar) of the Department of Medical Nutrition in the Faculty of Health Science at Hiroshima International University to jointly develop bread under the theme of "health-conscious products that provide nutrition with natural ingredients that are gentle on the body. The completed bread is "Kinako & Zunda Cream Donut.

Kinako & Zunda Creamy


Based on a recipe incorporating "vegetables" devised by the students in accordance with the theme, prototypes and meetings were held repeatedly. As a result of trial production using various vegetables, the "Kinako & Zunda Creamy Doughnut" was completed using "edamame" and "kinako (soybean flour)" whose pastes go well with cream.

The result is a dough that is light and fluffy thanks to the "deep-frying method" and blended with rice flour, giving it a "fluffy" texture.

On the day before the product goes on sale, students are scheduled to distribute 100 of them free of charge at the "Hiroshima International University Sports and Health Fair," a project commemorating the 100th anniversary of the school's founding and the 25th anniversary of the university's founding.