Kagoshima Anno sweet potato pudding" from Kyodo Dairy Co.

Kyodo Nyugyo Regional

Committed Ingredient Pudding Series


Product From Kyodo Nyugyo "Regional Committed Ingredient Pudding Series", a new product "Kagoshima Anno Sweet Potato Pudding" which makes full use of the taste of Anno sweet potato ingredients will be released on November 21, 2012. Limited time offer.

Kagoshima Anno Sweet


Pudding The new "Kagoshima Anno Sweet Potato Pudding" is a pudding made with two sweet potato ingredients: Anno sweet potatoes produced on Tanegashima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, the birthplace of the sweet potato, and sweet potato honey, a traditional ingredient from Minamisatsuma.

The pudding is made with two sweet potato ingredients: Anno sweet potatoes from Tanegashima and sweet potato honey made in Minamisatsuma. Delicious! Kagoshima Anno sweetpotato pudding is filled with the "Delicious! The unremitting efforts of the producers of Anno sweet potatoes in Tanegashima. The wonderful aspiration of the Amendoro producers to leave their traditional culture to the future. We convey the passion of the producers and the splendor of Japanese tradition through the pudding. As a little luxury or a daily reward, why don't you enjoy the taste of Anno sweetpotato honey, the particular and traditional taste of Tanegashima, with "Kagoshima Anno Sweet Potato Pudding"?