Famima BT21 Ice Cream Bar

Famima BT21 Ice Cream

Bar FamilyMart will release BT21 Ice Cream Bar on November 15. Excluding some areas and stores that carry it. The price is 194 yen (tax included).


Ice Cream Bar "BT21 Ice Cream Bar" is a refreshing vanilla-flavored ice cream bar with crispy bitter chocolate chips mixed in. The ice cream bar comes with a hologram sticker with an original design using "I'm Hero," a material originally drawn by the BABY-arranged "BT21" characters playing heroes.

The sticker measures approximately 59mm (H) x 86mm (W) and comes in eight designs: seven individual designs of various characters wearing capes and one group design. You will have to wait until you open the package to see which design you will find.

BT21 is

LINE FRIENDS' globally popular character brand consisting of 8 characters: KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY and VAN.

(C) BT21

* Sales will end as soon as they are gone due to limited quantities.