BTS Coffee ""Hot Brew Americano" Black (unsweetened)/SweetBlack (sweetened)



S.S.B. will release BTS Coffee "Hot Brew Americano " Black (unsweetened)/SweetBlack (sweetened) in Japan in limited quantities. The estimated price is 429 yen (tax included). The contents are 350 ml.

Hot Brew Americano "Black (unsweetened)/SweetBlack (sweet

ened) The seven members of the popular group BTS, who will finish "BTS Yet to Come in BUSAN" on October 15, 2022, and focus on their solo activities, will be featured in the packaging of this completely original BTS coffee. This is the original BTS coffee.

BTS Coffee ""Hot Brew Americano" Black (unsweetened)/SweetBlack (sweetened)

The BTS coffee package is a completely original product, featuring artist photos taken especially for this product. The pattern is different for each member, and the bottle color is also different for unsweetened and sweetened coffee.

The coffee is made with a particular coffee that is full of flavor and aroma even after long-term storage. 100% Brazilian coffee beans with a strong body and sweetness are used. Medium roasted with a slight bitterness and a mild acidity. Low-temperature drip extraction maximizes the coffee bean's unique aroma and flavor. The coffee beans are also protected from oxidation so that the flavor can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.

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