LAWSON STORE100 "Sparrow Chair Bread with Ham & Cheese" and "Lunch Pack with 2 Cookie Creams".



"Suzume's Chair Pan (with Ham & Cheese)"

and "Lunch Pack (with 2 Cookie Creams)" LAWSON STORE100 is collaborating with Makoto Shinkai to celebrate the release of his film "Suzume's Doorstep," which will be released on November 11. On November 16, "Suzume's Chair Bread (with ham & cheese)" and "Lunch Pack (with 2 cookies and cream)" will go on sale.

Sparrow's Chair Bread (with Ham &


) "Sparrow's Chair Bread (with Ham & Cheese)" is based on the motif of a "sparrow's chair. It features a face on the back of the chair, which is faithfully reproduced in the bread. The price is 151 yen (tax included).

LAWSON STORE100 "Sparrow Chair Bread with Ham & Cheese

Suzume's Chair" is a small chair with one leg missing that Suzume used when she was a child. After an incident, Kusata is transformed and begins to move with three legs.

Lunch Pack (


Cream 2 pieces) "Lunch Pack (Cookie Cream 2 pieces)" is a lunch pack featuring the image of the mysterious white cat "Daijin. The cookie cream flavor is based on the image of Daizin's characteristic white fur and the black patch on his left eye. The price is 151 yen (tax included).

LAWSON STORE100 "Lunch Pack (2 Cookie Creams)

Daizin" is a mysterious cat that suddenly appears in front of Suzume and speaks human language. It appears in places where doors open and plays tricks on Suzume and her friends.

LAWSON STORE100 "Lunch Pack (2 Cookie Creams)

To commemorate the release of the movie and the sale of the collaboration products, Nanoha Hara, who played Suzume, the main character in "Suzume's Doorstep," will appear in LAWSON STORE100's in-store broadcasts, scheduled to air every hour at 16 and 46 minutes from November 16 (Wed) to November 29 (Tues), 2022.

Suzume no


"Suzume no toshimari" is the latest work by director Makoto Shinkai. It is a modern-day adventure story about the liberation and growth of Suzume, a young girl who closes "doors" that lead to disaster, set in abandoned places around Japan. To commemorate the release of the film, which is depicted on a grand scale, we have collaborated with LAWSON STORE100 to sell products.

Makoto Shinkai, Director, "Suzume no Togome" (Suzume's Doorstep)

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