Godiva "Eggs on the Moon, Dark Chocolate Ganache" and "Eggs on the Moon, Summer Oranges & Chocolate".


Monthly Chef's Selection From the "Godiva Monthly Chef's Selection" developed by Godiva with chefs from around Japan, "Eggs spread on the moon, dark chocolate ganache" and "Eggs spread on the moon, summer orange & chocolate" will be available.

The first sales will begin on November 11 at the Yamaguchi Izutsuya store, and from November 19, the sales area will be expanded to include limited quantities at Godiva limited edition stores nationwide. The price is 399 yen each (tax included).

Created in collaboration with Asahi Confectionery, a famous confectionery store in Yamaguchi Prefecture founded in 1917. The new "Eggs Hirotte in the Moon" is a fluffy cocoa dough wrapped in a mild chocolate cream made with 73% cacao Belgian dark chocolate. The "Tsuki de Hirotte Tamago Dark Chocolate Ganache" is filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache, and the "Tsuki de Hirotte Tamago Natsumikan & Chocolate" is filled with a refreshing summer orange jam from Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Eggs Hirotte in the Moon Dark Chocolate


: Mild chocolate cream and rich dark chocolate ganache made with Belgian dark chocolate with 73% cocoa content, wrapped in fluffy cocoa dough.

Godiva "Eggs Found on the Moon Dark Chocolate Ganache

Eggs Found in the Moon: Natsumikan & Chocolate

Mild chocolate cream using Belgian dark chocolate with 73% cocoa content and fresh natsumikan jam from Yamaguchi prefecture, wrapped in a fluffy cocoa dough.

Godiva "Eggs Found on the Moon: Summer Oranges & Chocolate