Calbee "Sapporo Potato SHARK Bacon Potato Flavor


Sapporo Potato SHARK Bacon Potato


Calbee's long-selling brand "Sapporo Potato," celebrating its 50th anniversary, will release "Sapporo Potato SHARK Bacon Potato Flavor" with a fluffy and crunchy texture for a limited time. The product will go on sale on November 14 and is scheduled to be discontinued in early February 2023. The estimated price is around 145 yen (tax included).

Sapporo Potato


Bacon Potato Flavor The new "Sapporo Potato" is jagged in shape to achieve a light texture, named after its resemblance to "shark teeth. Compared to the existing "Sapporo Potato" dough, the new "Sapporo Potato" contains more potato powder, giving it a more "potato-like" texture.

Calbee "Sapporo Potato SHARK Bacon Potato Flavor

In addition, by creating small indentations on the surface of the dough, the seasoning powder is caught, resulting in a "fluffy and crunchy" yet rich flavor. This time, bacon, which goes perfectly with potatoes, is used in the flavor to create a delicious taste that will keep you coming back for more. It is said to be "eye-catching deliciousness.

The packaging features a large "SHARK" logo to promote the new brand. The base color is pink, which is different from the existing Sapporo Potatoes, making it stand out.