Hamazushi's Kyushu-Setouchi Festival

HAMA SUSHI New Menu, Campaigns and Fairs Summary 2022! Limited Time Items, Prices and Release Dates

Here is a summary of new menu items, campaigns and fairs that were implemented and released in 2022 at Hamazushi. Information on prices, release dates, and implementation periods.

In addition to the specialties, Hamamazushi also introduces a series of Hamamako set toys, desserts, and side menus. Information will be updated as needed.

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's Kyushu-Setouchi Festival "Hamazushi's Kyushu-Setouchi Festival" features "Kyushu Live-clawed Kanpachi", "Kyushu Raw Mackerel", "Kagoshima Straw-roasted Bonito Tataki" (110 yen each), etc. Starting November 22, "Hamako Set" is available for small children.

Hamazushi's Kyushu-Setouchi Festival

Chibi-Godzilla: Petite Godzilla Magnet and Original Eraser

"Chibi-Godzilla Petite Magnet" and "Chibi-Godzilla Original Eraser" will be available in the "Hamamako Set" toys, on sale from November 10.

Hamamako Set" Chibi-Godzilla: Puckered Magnet, Original Eraser

The "Hamamako Set" comes in four types: "Hamamako Drink Set" (253 yen), "Hamamako Potato Set" (308 yen), "Hamamako Don Set" (363 yen), and "Hamamako Sushi Set" (418 yen). All sets come with a choice of 11 different drinks and coins for a special gacha machine.


' s Big Meat Festival Vol. 2 "Hamazushi's Big Meat Festival Vol. 2 " is a fair featuring carefully selected ingredients in "big" and "extra-large" portions.

Hamazushi's Big Dodeka Neta Festival Vol. 2

The lineup includes "Dai-Giri Maguro Harami" (110 yen), "Sanriku Dai-Giri Gin-Salmon" (110 yen), "Yamakasu Kama-Age Shiroebi Tsutsumi" (110 yen), "Salmon Kabosu Oroshi" (165 yen), and "Tokusuri Seared Black Wagyu Toro Nigiri" (319 yen).

Hamazushi 's Big Nelly Festival - Vol. 1 "Hamazushi's Big Nelly Festival - Vol. 1" includes "Special Enga Tsutsumi" (110 yen), "Special Seared Tororo Salmon Tsutsumi" (165 yen), and "Big Boiled Tsubugai" (165 yen), etc. Starting on October 6, "Hamazushi's Big Nelly Festival - Vol. 1" will be available.

Hamazushi's Big Dodeka Neta Festival Part 1

As dessert, "Autumn Taste Oimo Parfait," featuring candied sweet potatoes, sweet potato cream, molasses, etc., will also be available. The price is 418 yen.


Oyster and Umamaneta Festival "Hamazushi Oyster and Umamaneta Festival" includes "Hiroshima Prefecture Oyster Nigiri" (110 yen), "Hiroshima Prefecture Oyster Fried Gunkan" (165 yen), "Wild Sockeye Salmon" (110 yen), "Mediterranean Big Tuna Tuna Ootoro" (319 yen), etc. Starting September 15.

Oysters and Umaneta Festival at Hama Sushi

Hamamako Set


includes " Hapidanbuy Neck Strap" and "Hapidanbuy Rubber Pencil Cap" to be released on September 6.

Hamamako Set" Pidanbuy Neck Strap Rubber Pencil Cap

The "Hamamako Set" comes in four types: "Hamamako Drink Set" (253 yen), "Hamamako Potato Set" (308 yen), "Hamamako Don Set" (363 yen), and "Hamamako Sushi Set" (418 yen). All sets come with a choice of 11 different drinks and coins for a special gacha machine.

The lineup includes "Kinkajiri Kinkajiri Mackerel from Miyagi Prefecture" (110 yen), etc. The menu will be available starting on August 25.

Hamazushi's Good Japanese Neta Festival

For dessert, "Country Ma'am Parfait" (418 yen), a collaboration with Fujiya, and "Chilly Baked Sweet Potato Brulee" (286 yen), in which the surface of the baked sweet potato is caramelized twice in the store, are available.


' s Tuna Festival The " Hamazushi's Tuna Festival" lineup includes "Sanriku Wild Bluefin Tuna Tataki Tsutsumi" (110 yen), "Mediterranean Bluefin Top Akami" (165 yen), "Mediterranean Bluefin Chutoro" (165 yen), "Mediterranean Bluefin Large Throat" (319 yen), etc. The festival will be held from August 4.

Hamazushi's Tuna Festival

For dessert, "Mango Mousse Cake" (286 yen) topped with apple mango and "Coffee Milk Cream Cake" (220 yen) sandwiched with coffee milk cream made from Hokkaido milk are available.

Hamamako Set Sumikko

Gurashi Bouncing Balls

: Limited-edition "Sumikko Gurashi" characters in Hamazushi uniforms are now available as toys in a special gacha machine as " Sumikko Gurashi Bouncing Balls," to be released on July 29.

Sumikko Gurashi "Hamamako Set" Bouncing Ball


Nunchaarakotekotsukun Rocket Marker

"Space Nunchaarakotsukun" and its friends appear for the first time in the "Hamako Set" as " Space Nunchaarakotsukun Rocket Marker," which can be connected and played with.

Hamamako Set" Space Nandakotekotsukun Rocket Marker

Hamasushi's Seasonal Neta!



"Hamasushi's Seasonal Netsa !Summer Festival" features items that are in season during the summer. The menu includes "Abalone" (110 yen), "Large Grain! Aomori steamed scallops (110 yen), domestically caught fresh yellowtail (110 yen), and kisu tempura nigiri (165 yen) will be available starting July 21.

Hamazushi's Seasonal Nets! Summer Festival

For dessert, "Domestic Melon Parfait" (418 yen) topped with domestic melon and Yubari melon sherbet, and "Choco Mint Cake" (286 yen) with its bright light blue color are available.


's Umami Neta 100-yen Festival "Hamazushi's Umami Neta 100-yen Festival" offers sea urchin tsutsumi (available only at the restaurant), seared ichibo-nigiri, seared albacore, squid sashimi with sea urchin, white chicken clams, red clams, etc. at special prices of 110 yen starting July 7.

Hamazushi's delicious 100 yen festival

Fruit Mix Frappe (363 yen), Milk Tea Frappe (308 yen), and Coffee Milk Frappe (308 yen) will also be available for dessert.

Hama Sushi's Big Fishing!



"Hama Sushi 's Big Fishing! Toro Matsuri" includes "Southern Bluefin Tuna Large Tuna" (110 yen), "Toro Katsuo from Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture" (110 yen), "Hon Tuna Medium Tuna" (165 yen), "Large Toro Salmon" (110 yen), and "Toro Bincho Rare Steak" (110 yen), etc. Starting June 16, this menu will be available.

Hama Sushi's Big Fishing! Toro Festival

Peach Fromage Parfait" (418 yen) is also available for dessert. The parfait is a combination of chunky white peaches, refreshing white peach sherbet, sweet peach sauce, smooth fromage cream, and panna cotta.


Gurashi Character Eraser from "Hamamako Set"

" Sumikko Gurashi Character Eraser " with a limited design will be available in the "Hamamako Set" toys from June 16, 2012. A total of six limited-edition "Sumikko Gurashi" characters wearing the new Hamazushi uniforms are available.

Sumikko Gurashi Character Eraser "Hamakko Set

Sumikko Gurashi


Hamazushi's original " Sumikko Gurashi Ten ori-Plushie" will be available in stores from July 1, and will be available for purchase with a meal or takeout order of 500 yen or more. The price is 748 yen.

Hama Sushi's original "Sumikko Gurashi Tenori-Nuguri Plushie

Hamazushi' s Hokkaido/Tohoku Festival " Hamazushi's Hokkaido/Tohoku Festival" is a fair where you can enjoy ingredients and local gourmet foods from Hokkaido and the Tohoku region. Starting on May 26, the lineup will include "Hokkaido Daikagiri Buri" (110 yen), "Miyagi Prefecture Daikagiri Gin Salmon" (110 yen), "Hokkaido Red Squid Tsutsumi with Sea Urchin" (110 yen), and "Hokkaido Scallop Tsutsumi" (165 yen), among others.

Hamazushi's Hokkaido/Tohoku Festival

Hama Sushi's "Big Cuts &


Festival" features popular items and new items as "Big Cuts & Dekakanetto," a variety of mouth-watering dishes. The "Big Chopped Seared Bluefin Tuna" (165 yen), "Big Grain! Steamed Scallops from Aomori Prefecture" (165 yen), "Large Fresh Firefly Squid from Toyama Bay" (165 yen), and "Large Fishing Bottlefish from Yaizu" (110 yen) will be available starting May 12.

Hama Sushi's Big Sushi & De Kaneka Festival


' s Kyushu Good Food Festival "Hamazushi's Kyushu Good Food Festival" is a fair where visitors can enjoy seafood and meat nigiri from Kyushu as well as local gourmet specialties. The lineup includes "Kyushu's Big-size Live-close Kanpachi" (110 yen), "Kyushu's Onikasago" (308 yen), "Kagoshima's Straw-roasted Bonito Tataki" (110 yen), and "Miyazaki's Sodeika" (165 yen), etc. Starting April 28, the fair will be held.

Kyushu Good Food Festival at Hamazushi

Spring Yummy Neta 100 Yen Festival "Spring Yummy Neta 100 Yen Festival" offers popular items at a special price of 100 yen (110 yen including tax). During the first half of the fair, from April 7 to 17, the "Minami Maguro Chutoro (medium tuna)," which is normally 165 yen, will be offered at a special price of 110 yen, and during the second half, from April 18 to 27, the "nigiri (Japanese black beef)" will be 110 yen.

Hamazushi "Spring Utsu Neta 100 yen Festival".

Seared fatty "Seared Bluefin Tuna," "Hokkaido Sakura Trout" with moist texture and sweet meat, and "Ika Geso," which is full of flavor as it is chewed, are also available at 110 yen. The lineup also includes desserts such as "Spring-picked Strawberry Parfait" (418 yen).


Set" Gudetama Rubber Mascot

A limited design " Gudetama Rubber Mascot" will be available as part of the "Hamamako Set" toys on March 17. Three types of Hamazushi original rubber mascots are also available as secret designs.

Hamazushi "Hamakko Set" Gudetama Rubber Mascot

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Umasamanaka! Tuna

Festival " Umasana Full Bl ossom! Tuna Festival" features "Miyagi Prefecture Wild Bluefin Tuna Tataki Tsutsumi" (110 yen), "Bluefin Top Akami" (165 yen), "Large Bluefin Harimi" (165 yen), and "Mediterranean Sea Bluefin Tuna Ootoro" (308 yen), available from March 17.

Hama Sushi "Umami in Full Bloom! Tuna Festival

At the same time, "Setouchi Kamagae Shirasu Tsukumi" (110 yen) from the "Japanese Delicious Fish" series and "Brand Wagyu Beef Nigiri" (308 yen) from the "Blissful Consistency Series" will also be available.


Sushi Spring Toro Festival "Hama Sushi Spring Toro Festival" features a variety of carefully selected toro (mackerel) items that offer melt-in-your-mouth flavor. Starting on March 3, the lineup includes "Large Tuna Tuna" (110 yen), "Yaizu Ippon-Tsukkkatsu Toro Katsuo" (110 yen), and "Seared Pork Tuna with Yuzu Kosho" (110 yen).

Hamazushi Spring Toro Festival

Also available for dessert are "Spring-picked Strawberry Parfait" (418 yen), "Strawberry Fluffy Shortcake" (286 yen), "Tiramisu Pudding Parfait" (418 yen), and "Fresh Chocolate Mont Blanc" (286 yen).

Kuroge Wagyu and Hokkaido/Tohoku Festival " Kuroge Wagyu and Hokkaido/Tohoku Festival" offers "Kuroge Wagyu Nigiri" (110 yen), "Charcoal Grilled Hokkaido Wild Buri" (110 yen), "Big Grain! Steamed Scallops from Aomori Prefecture (110 yen), Shellfish Shoyu Ramen (418 yen), etc. Starting February 17.

Hamazushi "Kuroge Wagyu Beef and Hokkaido/Tohoku Festival".

Umneta 100 yen festival " Umneta 100 yen festival" features "Selected tuna medium fatty tuna" from January 27 to February 2, "Seared eel" from February 3 to February 9, and "Natural red shrimp" from February 10 to February 16, each discounted from the usual 165 yen to 110 yen.

Hama-zushi "Uma-neta 100 yen Festival

The limited-quantity menu includes "Sirloin Nigiri" (165 yen), "Live-finish Arakue from Shikoku and Kyushu" (308 yen), and "Taiwanese sponge cake [maple sauce]" (220 yen).

Sumikko Gurashi Hinokkori Magnet and Sumikko Gurashi Okigarigakoboshi


will be available as toys in the "Hamamako Set" on January 27. Secret designs are also available, so you will have to wait and see what you get.

HAMAZUSHI "Hamako Set" Sumikko Gurashi Hiccup Magnet, Okigarikoboshi Stamp

Natural Pacific bluefin tuna (




" Natural Pacific bluefin tuna (red )


" Natural Pacific bluefin tuna (red )


The "Hamazushi" is available at all Hamazushi restaurants in Japan except for those in the Tohoku region. The balance of lean and fatty meat is well balanced, and every bite is full of delicious flavor. The "Harami of Natural Tuna from Oma" is available only at stores in the Tohoku region. Priced at 308 yen each, it will go on sale on January 14.

Hama Sushi "Oma's Natural Tuna Red Meat

Kamburi and Winter Neta Festival "Kamburi and Winter Neta Festival" lineup includes "Kamburi" (yellowtail) (110 yen), "Kamburi Saba" (mackerel) (110 yen), "Kamburi Sabara Tataki" (straw fish roe) (165 yen), and "Hiroshima Oyster Nigiri" (boiled oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture) (110 yen), all in season during the winter season.

Hamazushi "Cold Buri and Winter Seasonal Neta Festival