Ministop "NOMU NAMELAKA Pudding Parfait 240g" Recreate the creamy and smooth taste of "Smooth Pudding Parfait

Ministop "NOMU NAMELAKA Pudding Parfait 240g (8.47oz)" Available

in Limited Quantities On November 8, "NOMU NAMELAKA Pudding Parfait 240g (8.47oz)," inspired by " Smooth Pudding Parfait," will be available at Ministop in limited quantities.

What is "NOMU NAMELAKA Pudding Parfait 240g (8.47oz)"?

This original product reproduces the creamy and smooth taste of Ministop's popular fast food parfait "Smooth Pudding Parfait" in a cup beverage. Whole eggs are used to create a natural and smooth taste. In addition, approximately 1% of fresh cream from Hokkaido is used to create a rich flavor.

Ministop's original cup beverage lineup includes a wide variety of beverages, such as the standard products Cafe au Lait and Black Coffee, the Nomu Soft Ice Cream series, and Nomu Halo-Halo. The "Nmu Nameraka Pudding Parfait" is the fourth in the fast food series.


NAMELAKA Pudding Parfait 240g (8.47oz) Price and Sales Information

Price: ¥246.24 (including tax)
Launch date: November 8
Launch area: Nationwide (1,892 stores as of the end of September 2022)
*Price is indicated at the reduced tax rate of 8% applicable to take-out. The standard tax rate of 10% applies when eating and drinking at eat-in spaces.