HAMAZUSHI "Hamako Set" "Chibi-Godzilla" popped magnet & original eraser


"Hamako Set" Chibi-Godzilla Toy

A limited edition "Chibi-Godzilla" toy design has been added to the Hamamazushi "Hamako Set" toys, which will be available at all Hamazushi restaurants nationwide from November 10, 2012.


Set The "Hamamako Set" consists of four types: "Hamamako Drink Set" (253 yen including tax), "Hamamako Potato Set" (308 yen including tax), "Hamamako Don Set" (363 yen including tax), and "Hamamako Sushi Set" (418 yen including tax), which includes tuna, shrimp, hamburger steak and more. All sets come with a choice of 11 drinks, including 100% apple juice, and coins for a special gacha machine.

Chibi-Godzilla's plump magnets & original erasers

This time, as toys for the exclusive gacha machine, "plump magnets" with a limited design of Chibi-Godzilla wearing Hamazushi's uniform and holding sushi, and "original erasers" with a design of Chibi-Godzilla and his friends in cute poses will be available. Original eraser" with cute poses of Chibi Godzilla and his friends. There will be a total of six types of erasers, including a secret design. It will be a fun to see what you can get.

HAMAZUSHI "Hamako Set" "Chibi Godzilla" plump magnets

Original eraser of "Chibi-Godzilla" from Hamazushi "Hamakko Set

Anyone can order "Hamamako Set".
Due to the structure of the gacha machine prizes, the same item may appear in succession.
The toys are subject to change depending on the sales situation due to limited quantities.
Scheduled to be available at 567 stores in total (as of November 7, 2012).

Chibi-Godzilla is a small but powerful monster that can also breathe fire. He is always challenging various things to achieve his dream of becoming the King of Monsters.

Chibi-Godzilla" character designed by Haru Sakazaki

The character is based on the world-famous Godzilla and was designed by Kichiharu Sakazaki, known for his "Suica penguin" and "Chii-ba-kun" characters. The character is widely known and loved as the character that appears in the pre-screening movie clips at TOHO Cinemas screens nationwide.