LAWSON STORE100 "Tamago-yaki Bento

LAWSON STORE100 "Tamagoyaki Bento", the sixth in the "B

ento with Only One Side Dish" series LAWSON STORE100 will release on November 16 the "Tamagoyaki Bento" with only one side dish, Tamagoyaki, as the sixth in the "Bento with Only One Side Dish" series. The price is 216 yen (tax included).



Although "tamagoyaki" is one of the most popular side dishes in bento boxes, and almost no one dislikes it, it is often used as a supporting dish. So this time, we have made tamagoyaki the main dish.

The "Tamagoyaki Bento" is packed with eight omelettes. Rice weighs 120g (4.23oz), while the main tamagoyaki weighs 138g (4.87oz), with the tamagoyaki weighing a little more.

LAWSON STORE100 "Tamagoyaki Bento" and "Only Bento" series originator Hiroaki Hayashi
Hiroaki Hayashi, creator of the "Only Bento" series

Since LAWSON STORE100 operates in the Kanto, Chubu, and Kansai regions, there was internal debate as to which seasoning to use. In the Kanto region, people prefer "sweet tamagoyaki" to go with vinegared rice because of the Edo-mae-zushi culture, while in the Kansai region, people prefer "dashimaki" because of the emphasis on dashi (Japanese soup stock) in Kyoto cuisine culture.

As a result, the base tamagoyaki is "dashimaki" and is seasoned "sweet" in the Kanto region and "slightly sweet" in the Chubu and Kansai regions. This is the first time in the history of Only Bento that the seasoning is changed depending on the area.

LAWSON STORE100 "Tamago-yaki Bento

The "dashi shoyu" (soy sauce and soup stock) that was popular with the "Nori Isobe-age" bento is now available as an optional extra. It is recommended to enjoy the original flavor of the dashimaki tamago as it is at first, and then add the dashi shoyu in the latter half of the meal. It goes great with rice, and you will never get tired of it.


Bento "Dare Bento" is an ultra-simple bento series that dares to focus on only one side dish, based on the concept of placing "side dishes that are a staple of bento but not the star of the meal" as the main dish. The "Sausage Bento," which features only sausage as a side dish, was a huge hit! The "Sausage Bento" was a huge hit! It received a lot of positive feedback on social networking sites, such as "This is the kind of bento that's okay" and "My childhood dream came true.

LAWSON STORE100 "Only Bento" series

The "meatball bento," "nori isobe-age bento," "fried white meat bento," and "chicken nugget bento" have steadily gained fans, and the "Only Bento" series has become a pillar of LAWSON STORE100's bento lineup. All are still on sale (selection varies by store).