Ministop New Chicken "Goku-Yami Chicken

Ministop New Chicken

Ministop will sell two new chicken products, "Goku-Yami Chicken" and "Kaoru Smoked Chicken," for the Christmas season in December, when the demand for chicken is at its highest.


Chicken The chicken part is lightly seasoned so that the original flavor of the chicken can be tasted, while the batter is seasoned with a rich and thick flavor with a touch of spice. The flour and breadcrumbs used in the batter have been changed since last year to improve the texture. The price is 258 yen (excluding tax, same as below). The calorie count is 223 kcal.

Ministop New Chicken "Goku-Yami Chicken


Smoked Chicken: Smoked chicken with a rich aromatic flavor made by adding peach and apricot to the smoked chips in addition to pear and apple. Black pepper is sprinkled on the surface to accentuate the flavor. The product will go on sale on November 18. The price is 258 yen. The calorie count is 210 kcal.

Ministop New Chicken "Kaoru Smoked Chicken

Pre-orders are also being taken for a special set of "Gokumami Chicken," "Kaoru Smoked Chicken," "X Fries," and "Crunchy Chicken Umashio Flavor.