White Choco Pie Premium [Hatsuyuki Milk] from Lotte.

Choco Pie Premium Series Vol.1

The "Choco Pie" brand will release "White Choco Pie Premium [Hatsuyuki Milk]", the first in a premium series that focuses on the balance of ingredients and taste. The product will go on sale on November 8. It will contain 6 pieces and will be priced at around 432 yen (including tax).

White Choco Pie Premium

[Hatsuyuki Milk]

The white cake with a texture that melts softly like the first snowfall enhances the milkiness of the milk cream and white chocolate made with rich Hokkaido fresh cream. The tartness of the double berry sauce of strawberries and raspberries adds an accent to the cake. Enjoy this winter-only flavor that you will want to eat again and again as a small treat for your home time.