Mos Burger "Burnt Caramel Latte [Using Yonaguni Island Brown Sugar]".

Mos Burger New Latte

"Burnt Caramel Latte [Using Brown Sugar from Yonaguni Island]" will be available from Mos Burger. It will be on sale from November 16 until late March 2023. The price is 380 yen.

The cafe latte with the subtle bitterness of espresso and the sweetness of fine milk foam is combined with a caramel sauce made from brown sugar from


Island in Okinawa Prefecture. The caramel sauce also contains Hokkaido butter and condensed milk, which enhances the mild sweetness of the brown sugar. This luxurious drink is perfect for the cold season and will add color to your winter tea time. It can also be selected as a set menu drink for +50 yen on top of each set price.

About Okinawa Brown Sugar

Yonaguni Island brown sugar is one of the "Okinawa brown sugar" produced on the eight remote islands of Okinawa Prefecture. Brown sugar is made by boiling and concentrating the juice of sugarcane as it is, and cooling it without processing. In addition to sugar, it is characterized by its high mineral content and unique flavor.

Brown sugar from Yonaguni Island is used in the sauce, and it accounts for 0.09% of the product.
Lunch discount set and Imatoku set are not applicable.