Cafe COMSA "Mille Crepe with Fukuoka Prefecture Persimmon 'Akio' and Green Tea Tiramisu".

New Mille Crepe from

Cafe COMSA Cafe COMSA will sell "Mille Crepe with Fukuoka Prefecture's Persimmon 'Akio' and Green Tea Tiramisu" on November 3 only.

Cafe comusa

Mille Cre

pe Day Cafe comusa has designated the third day of every month as "Mi (3) Crepe Day" and has been offering fruit-filled Mille Crepe sandwiches, and for November, the new Mille Crepe using Fukuoka Prefecture's "Akio" persimmon will be available.

Mille Crepe with Fukuoka Prefecture's "Akio" Persimmon

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atcha Tiramisu Mille Crepe is a French term meaning "a thousand crepes," consisting of layers of crepes with cream or fruit sandwiched in between. The "Akio" persimmon, bred by Fukuoka Prefecture in 2001 and registered as a variety in 2012, is characterized by its large size, high sugar content, and crispy texture. Priced at 1,500 yen per piece (tax included).

The Ginza store has a different price and design.
Prices and designs are subject to change depending on the availability of fruit.