Hattendo "Pudding Cream Bread
bread without pudding


's "Pudding Cream Buns" to be sold nationwide Hattendo's "Pudding Cream Buns," a sweet product sold only in Hiroshima Prefecture, will be available nationwide from November 9, 2022 to the end of January 2023. The price is 320 yen per piece (tax included).


Cream Bread "Pudding Cream Bread" is characterized by its melt-in-your-mouth pudding-like taste of rich custard cream and sweet, bittersweet caramel sauce in a soft, fluffy bun.

It has been certified as "Hiroshima Mihara Pudding" by the "Hiroshima Mihara Pudding Project Executive Committee" in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, where Hattendo's head office is located.

The product has been sold exclusively at some stores in Hiroshima Prefecture and through an online store project, but due to the popularity of the product, it will be expanded outside the prefecture. It will be sold at Hattendo's permanent stores in Japan, with some exceptions.

Hattendo "Pudding Cream Bread" package
Pudding-free bread package

The pudding will be packaged in a pudding-inspired package with a certified logo. It is intended to help people discover the charms of Mihara, the birthplace of Hattendo.