Black Thunder Bite Size" relaunched.

Black Thunder

Series New

"Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size" from Yuraku Seika's Black Thunder series will be released exclusively at convenience stores. The release date is November 8. Each bag contains 55g (1.94oz) and is priced at 108 yen (tax included). Some stores may not carry the product.

Black Thunder B

ite-Size is made not only with a chocolate ratio of "more than 200% chocolate," but also with a focus on the quality of the chocolate. This time, cacao mass made from Ghanaian cacao beans was added to the chocolate coating to adjust the balance of sweetness and bitterness, resulting in a renewed product that provides more satisfaction from a single piece of chocolate. The new product is also notable for its exquisite taste that has been powered up.

The "crunchy texture" created by the two types of biscuits that make up Black Thunder, plain biscuits and cocoa biscuits, is still present in the bite-size product, and the crunchy texture can be enjoyed along with the rich chocolate flavor. The package also features the logo "Zakusaku Zakusaku Satisfaction! logo on the package.