Mos Burger "Dekopon Ginger Ale [1.0% Kumamoto Prefecture Dekopon juice used (fresh juice equivalent)

Mos Burger "Dekopon G

inger Ale [1.0% Kumamoto Prefecture

Dekopon juice

used (fresh juice equivalent)]" will be available at Mos Burger outlets nationwide on November 16 (except some outlets). The product will be on sale until late March 2023.

Dekopon Ginger Ale [1.0%

fresh Dekopon juice from Kumamoto Prefecture (fresh juice equivalent) ]

"Dekopon Ginger Ale [1.0% fresh Dekopon juice from Kumamoto Prefecture (fresh juice equivalent) ]" is a carbonated drink combining ginger ale and syrup made from the juice of Dekopon fruit grown in Kumamoto Prefecture. Whole grated Dekopon are used in the syrup, and the peel is also added. The drink tastes juicy like fresh fruit, with just the right amount of sourness amidst the sweetness.

Priced at 270 yen for the S size, 340 yen for the M size, and 410 yen for the L size (tax included). It goes well with burgers, and can be selected as a set menu drink for an additional 50 yen to the price of each set (M size only).

Decopon is a registered trademark of JA Kumamoto Fruit Association.

Mos Burger has been implementing various initiatives in cooperation with Kumamoto Prefecture to date. 2013 saw the establishment of an agricultural production corporation, Mos Farm Kumamoto, to strengthen cooperation with the production area and ensure stable procurement of fresh vegetables for use at Mos Burger restaurants. 2016 saw the Kumamoto earthquake, and as part of reconstruction assistance, Mos Burger has been working with We are also actively developing products in cooperation with the local community, such as selling burgers made with ingredients from Kumamoto Prefecture at Mos Burger restaurants in the Asian region.

With the desire to support local producers whose shipments will decline after the new coronavirus epidemic in 2020, we have developed a drink using local ingredients. This time, we will support producers in Kumamoto Prefecture by releasing a drink using Dekopon throughout Japan.