Yamazaki Baking: Iwashita Shinsei Ginger Collaboration Products



Iwashita's New Ginger Collaboration Products

Yamazaki Baking will sell two products in the Kanto area: a ginger-scented hamburger (tartar sauce with fresh ginger) and a lunch pack (keema curry) with fresh ginger from Iwashita Foods' flagship product, "Iwashita's New Ginger," commercialized by the Furukawa Plant. The release date is November 1.

Both products use chopped Iwashita fresh ginger, and their fresh flavor and crisp texture complement the rich taste of meat and curry, making them refreshing and tasty. The package design is based on the image color of Iwashita's fresh ginger, pink, and features the Iwashita fresh ginger logo and the official character "Iwashika.

Ginger-Scented Hamburger (


Fresh Ginger with Tartar Sauce) "Ginger-Scented Hamburger (Iwashita Fresh Ginger with Tartar Sauce)" is a hamburger with a patty and Iwashita fresh ginger tartar sauce on a fluffy bun. Price is open.

Yamazaki Baking "Ginger-scented hamburger (tartar sauce with fresh ginger under Iwashita)

Lunch Pack (Keema Curry) with

Iwashita Fresh

Ginger "Lunch Pack (Keema Curry) with Iwashita Fresh Ginger" is a lunch pack containing a keema curry sandwich with Iwashita fresh ginger. It is made with a musty keema curry. The price is open to the public.

Yamazaki Baking "Lunch Pack (Keema Curry) Iwashita Fresh Ginger