Papa Bublé "Throat Lozenges Mix

Papabublé Th

roat Candy Mix Throat Candy Petit Art Candy Shop "PAPABUBBLE" will sell "Throat Candy Mix" and "Throat Candy Petit".



Mix: A candy that is pleasing to the throat, the tongue, and the eye, with an emphasis on taste and design. While using flavors that are sure to please the throat, such as the popular Jabara Honey, Berry Chamomile, and Jasmine Peach, the candy has been created to be enjoyed purely for its candy taste.

The small cutout, approximately 1 cm in diameter, incorporates a cute floral design and a teacup that appears to show through the tea when held up to the light. The price is 670 yen (tax included, same as below).

Papa Bublé "Throat Lozenges Mix

Also, Papa Bublé candies, characterized by the sour taste and aroma of fresh fruit, can be enjoyed by dissolving them in tea. Put about 3 to 4 pieces in a cup of tea and enjoy the adult aroma as it dissolves little by little.

Papa Bublé "Throat Lozenges Mix

Throat lozenges


For those who want to fully enjoy the flavored tea, we also offer throat lozenges Petit, which can be tasted as a flavored muddler. Petties are cute little lollipop candies popular among women. These petties can be used in place of a muddler, allowing you to fully enjoy the flavored tea. They are priced at 400 yen.