Choco Balls [Golden soybean flour flavor] from Morinaga Seika Co.


Seika Choco Ball

s [Golden Kinako


Morinaga Seika will release a new product "Choco Balls [Golden Kinako Flavor]" for a limited time to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Choco Balls. The product will go on sale on November 1. The product weighs 21 grams and is priced at 95 yen (tax included).

Choco Balls [Gold Kinako


Choco Balls [Gold Kinako Flavor] are crispy biscuits coated with a savory kinako flavored chocolate that uses "gold kinako" (soybean flour). The gorgeous golden package design features an eye-catching "golden kyoro-chan" transformed into a king.


Angel Double Campaign

This year marks the 55th anniversary of Choco Balls, which were first sold in 1967. Since its launch, the toy's "Kanzume" campaign, in which customers are rewarded with one gold angel on the beak or five silver ones, has been very popular. As a token of our appreciation, we are offering a "Double Gold Angels" campaign for a limited time, in which twice the usual percentage of gold angels are enclosed.

When a gold angel appears on the beak, one will be given a toy kanzume as a gift. The current toy canned item is "Kyoro-chan can that sings with programming". Choco Balls [Peanut] [Caramel] [Strawberry] and Choco Balls [Golden soybean flour flavor] contain a gold angel at twice the normal rate for a limited time (the package is labeled "Double Gold Angel" for the applicable product).