MINI SOF 2 kinds of Oimono soft serve ice cream

MINI SOF Two Kinds of Oimo


Ice Cream "Two Kinds of Oimo Soft Ice Cream" will be released by "MINI SOF", a soft ice cream specialty store. The price is 590 yen (tax included). The release date is October 28.

Two Kinds of Oimo Soft Serve Ice


: Golden colored, fragrant, honey-rich baked sweet potato "Taiwan honey potato" and Mont Blanc cream with Anno sweet potato paste produced on Tanegashima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, combined with soft vanilla ice cream. The bitter roasted sugar accentuates the sweetness of the two types of sweet potatoes. Enjoy a moment of happiness as the hot Taiwanese honey sweet potato and Anno sweet potato Mont Blanc cream melt together with the soft vanilla ice cream.

The mini soft-serve "Two Kinds of Oimo Soft Ice Cream" is a collaboration of two kinds of oimo and our signature soft-serve vanilla ice cream. If you like oimo flavors, you must check it out!

Tax included prices are the same both inside and outside the store. Specifications and prices for home soft serve with dry ice (To go) and delivery differ.