Starbucks Holiday Season 2022 New Foods #1

Starbucks Holiday Season 2022 New Food

and Coffee The "Let's Be a Santa" themed Holiday Season 2022 will start on November 1 at Starbucks Coffee. The first new food items and coffees that get you in the Christmas spirit will be available at Starbucks stores nationwide starting November 1.



Bar The popular "Cranberry Bliss Bar," a Starbucks holiday tradition, will be available again this year. The dough is made with cranberries, white chocolate chunks, orange peel, and spices, topped with cream cheese and white chocolate mixed with orange, and topped with dried cranberries. The crepe is priced at 294 yen (including tax) to-go and 300 yen for in-store use.


Mochi Crepe Cake "Strawberry Mochi Crepe Cake" is a cake layered with sweet and sour strawberry cream, mild milk mousse, and sticky crepe dough. The cake is accented with the taste of strawberries from the strawberry jam squeezed on top of the cocoa sponge. The price including tax is 510 yen for take-out and 520 yen for in-store use.

Nuts &


Chocolate Cake "Nuts & Caramel Chocolate Cake" is a chocolate cake made with cocoa sponge and gateau chocolat batter, using many ingredients such as four kinds of nuts, caramel glaze, whipped cream and chocolate cream. The cake is made with a variety of ingredients, including four types of nuts, caramel glaze, whipped cream, and chocolate cream, to create a cake with a pleasing texture. The price including tax is 486 yen for take-out and 495 yen for in-store use.

Basil Chicken & Tomato Mozzarella


Filone "Basil Chicken & Tomato Mozzarella Ishigama Filone" is a dish that focuses on the juicy taste of chicken and its satisfying texture. Filone is coated with tomato sauce made with onions and mushrooms, and sandwiched with chicken dressed with tomato sauce, basil paste, semi-dried tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. The price including tax is 520 yen for take-out and 530 yen for in-store use.


"Stollen" comes with a pouch featuring this year's Red Cup design. The juicy, fresh, spicy flavor of dried fruit is a classic holiday sweet that goes perfectly with coffee. Take-out only, priced at 2,250 yen including tax.

Starbucks Christmas Blend

Blonde Roast


Christmas Blend Starbucks Christmas Blend Espresso Roast

This year's Christmas Blend was created in 1984, when Starbucks was still only located in Seattle, to provide customers with a special blend of coffee for the season. This blend was inspired by a recipe from when Starbucks was first launched in 1984, when Starbucks was still only in Seattle, to bring a special blend of coffee just for the season to customers. Blended with rare aged Sumatra coffee, it has a flavor reminiscent of herbs and spices, a hint of sweetness, and a smooth, chocolate-like mouthfeel that will warm your heart. Priced at 1,780 yen each including tax.

Starbucks Christmas Blend Blonde Roast and Starbucks Christmas Blend

Starbucks' signature holiday treat, the Cranberry Bliss Bar, has been created again this year to complement the Christmas Blend flavor. The rich and mellow flavor of the Christmas Blend is complemented by the smooth texture of the cream cheese, which matches the richness of the coffee.