Lotte "Pie Nuts [Luxury Camembert Cheese - with Black Truffle]" and "Toppo [Three Kinds of Luxury Cheese]".

New P

ie Nuts

and Toppo Cheese Flavor Products

On November 1, Lotte will release "Pie Nuts [Luxury Camembert Cheese - with Black Truffle]," a luxurious product using Hokkaido camembert in both the pie crust and chocolate and adding black truffles, and "Toppo [Three Kinds of Luxury Cheese]," a luxurious product kneading Hokkaido cheese in both pretzels and chocolate. These products will be released on November 11, "Cheese Day".

Pie Nuts


Camembert Cheese with Black Truffle] "Pie Nuts [Luxury Camembert Cheese with Black Truffle]" uses Hokkaido Camembert cheese in the savory, crispy pie crust and chocolate. In addition, black truffles are also used in the chocolate to create this luxurious pie crust. Pie-drinking" is also recommended, which is a great way to enjoy the pie with wine.

Lotte "Pie Nuts [Luxury Camembert Cheese with Black Truffle

The product weighs 69 grams and is expected to retail for around 205 yen (tax included).

Toppo [3 Kinds of


Cheese] "Toppo [3 Kinds of Luxury Cheese]" is a cheese pretzel that spreads the flavor of cheddar cheese and is filled to the last with cheese chocolate made from Gouda cheese and cream cheese. The delicious taste of cheese and a hint of saltiness match the sweetness of the chocolate to create an addictive flavor. Gouda cheese 1.2%, cream cheese 0.8%, cheddar cheese 0.4% (raw equivalent)

Lotte "Toppo [3 kinds of luxurious cheese

The product will be available in packs of two, at an estimated price of around 205 yen (tax included).